„Reinhard Zich’s painting focuses on the essential: color and shape.

His imagery is based on artistic trends such as the “Neo Geo” movement, which in the 1980s deliberately opposed the wild, fast and figurative painting of the “Junge Wilden” to strictly geometric shapes in colored fields.

Too strict categorizations and stylistic classifications fall short of Zich. The formal level of painting in his pictures (line, area, contrast, color and texture) seems to be able to speak at least as dramatically and emotionally as the gestural style of a painterly expression.

The works are formally strictly composed, but by no means constructed soberly.

With bright basic colors such as blue and red, emerald and orange, but also gold, black and white, the artist explores the emotional potential of color and light and implements this in a poetic visual language – a visual language that always refers beyond what is seen and basic themes how life and death, timelessness and infinity give an abstract pictorial form.”

Guenther Oberhollenzer, curator Museum State Gallery of Lower Austria