Reinhard Zich was born to Magdalena Edeltrude Zich and Robert Birkner in Vienna 29 November 1961.
Robert Birkner, with whom Reinhard did not have a close relationship, was a doctor in a village close to Vienna and studied before medicine in Prague. Edeltrude was working in a post office in Vienna. She was a good mother and took care for the young Reinhard giving him a very good education.

The grandfather who was a farmer and his mother clarified him also very soon about the second world war telling him their experience as well as the fact that his grandmother was killed from the Hitler regime.
However, Reinhard crowed up in a healthy environment near to Vienna where his grandfather introduced him to the life of a farmer.

But when he started with the school in Vienna his passion for art came out and he was very interested in theater, painting and singing. He crowed up in a very Christian religion house.
Also, when the little Reinhard already was more interested for art his mother was wishing him for getting a priest.

So, Reinhard was visiting a college from the Salesian Don Boscos. With 15 years he had big crisis with himself and religion and with not even 18 years old he joined the Cistercian monastery Heiligenkreuz, where he studied theology and philosophy after the novitiate and after taking the first vows.

At the age of 20 he left the Cistercian order and studied drama at the Prayner Conservatory. After 3 years of acting studies he attended the class of operetta and musical at the Conservatory of Vienna for one year. With 24 years he moved to Rome where he studied opera singing with Marinella Mieli and appeared on the stages in Rome and at the Opera Festival in Pesaro.
After the early death of his mother and father he withdrew and lived on an idyllic farm in Umbria.